Claudia Lampert

Claudia Lampert

National contact

Senior Reseacher at the Hans Bredow Institute in Hamburg. Her areas of research are in digital media use of children and adolescents, parental mediation, and media literacy. She is also the national contact for Germany in the EU Kids Online network. Besides the project on children and mobile Internet, she is involved in both a project on online advertising and children and the acceptance of youth protection software in families.



Joana Kühn

Team Member

Junior Researcher at the Hans Bredow Institute in Hamburg. Besides the Net Children Go Mobile project, she is examines how very young children at the age of two to six years are using smartphones and tablets. Her further research interest lies in the social inequality, especially in relation to media.


 Hans Bredow Institute

The Hans Bredow Institute at the University of Hamburg was founded as an independent non-profit organization in 1950. The research conducted by the Institute focuses on mediated public communication and future opportunities and risks. The Institute emphasizes its role as an independent observer and combines sociological, legal, economic and pedagogical approaches, because it strongly believes that contemporary problems of media development call for an interdisciplinary and a cross-national comparative perspective. Cooperation and constant exchange with the different actors in the media sphere are basic values for the Institute’s research. For further Information visit our website


The study about children and mobile Internet is funded by the Federal Ministry of Family, Senior Citizens, Women and Youth in context of the project “Youth Protection and Media Education in digital Environments”.