EU Kids Online and Net Children Go Mobile presentation to the ICT Coalition

15 April 2014 - by
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Brussels 15/4/14
New findings comparing our surveys of 9-16 year olds in 2010 and 2013 in five European countries show:

  • More use of mobile devices to go online
  • A slight increase in the percentage who encountered one or more online risks
  • Tablet and smart phone users more likely to encounter one or more online risks
  • Rise in cyberbullying, especially for girls, though offline bullying is still greater
  • Slight rise in exposure to pornography, though rates of sexting are unchanged
  • A rise in meetings with strangers offline (but not online)
  • A rise in exposure to negative user-generated content (but not data misuse)
  • A rise in the percentage who self-report exposure to harmful experiences online, especially among girls and teens
  • Qualitative research reveals kids’ struggles to manage their online environments
  • Smartphone users have more safety skills but, overall, skills have declined
  • Smartphone users need new skills, especially among young girls

Download the full presentation of Eu Kids Online and Net Children Go Mobile data to the ICT coalition