Policy recommendations report released!

7 May 2014 - by

Based on Net Children Go Mobile data presented on SID in the “Net Children Go Mobile: risks and opportunities” report, the Net Children Go Mobile team developed a set of policy recommendations for stakeholders, policymakers, and parents.

Top recommendations include:

  1. Wider use of mobile devices has made young people’s internet use a much more private experience with less direct parental supervision. Therefore, parents, more than ever, need to communicate with children about their online experiences. 
  2. Industry and other stakeholders can help to create safer and better internet experiences for young people by ensuring that supports such as content classification, age-appropriate privacy settings, and easy and robust reporting mechanisms on mobile devices and services, are widely available.
  3. Given that children are more comfortable with mobile and online communication, the development of safety apps that promote an active dialogue between parents and children should be encouraged.
  4. Schools and teachers have a vital role to play in engaging children in online safety. By integrating mobile media use into learning activities, schools could promote more positive and safer uses of these devices.

Find the full recommendations report here.